The Lanman Foundation for Spinal Advancement & Innovative Health
is a non-profit, charitable organization created to advance the science of spinal health care.

Our Commitments

So much of medical research is devoted to the study of disease, disease processes, and treatment, and spine research is no exception. This scientific fervor has certainly bred success—our current understanding of diseases dwarfs what has known even a few decades ago and continues to progress exponentially. Identifying major structural defects is now as simple as an MRI. Once identified, we now know how to repair those defects with a masterful application of surgery, grafts, and hardware. What has been left behind, however, is a thorough understanding of what “normal” is. What does a truly “normal” spine look like? If we do not know

what a person’s spine should look like and how it should function across the lifespan, how can we define treatment goals? We know many things that can cause the spine to degenerate, but what can be done to prevent that degeneration? Taken further, what can be done to enhance the strength and function of the spine? We are at the forefront of a new age of spine research. This research will be devoted to the overall health of the spine in the context of the overall health of the individual. This is the Lanman Foundation for Spinal Advancement & Innovative Health. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve spinal function in adults of every age and restore spinal motion to those affected by spine and joint disorders. We seek to gather, evaluate, apply, and disseminate information that will advance the cumulative knowledge of spine and joint disorders and, in so doing, improve patient outcomes and patient lives.


Our Goals


Precisely define normal skeletal aging through advanced imaging


Evaluate the effect of comprehensive treatment on spine health


Collect and disseminate research on the efficacy on medical, surgical, nutritional, hormonal, lifestyle, and physical therapy regimens in the maintenance and restoration of spine health


Elucidate the links between spine function and overall quality of life to answer the question: how does motion affect a patient’s life?

Dr. Todd Lanman

The Lanman Foundation for Spinal Advancement & Innovative Health is the brainchild of Dr. Todd Lanman, spinal neurosurgeon known the world over for his innovations in comprehensive spine treatments. The foundation represents the culmination of three decades as a surgeon, educator, researcher, and scholar. Dr. Lanman has published over a dozen peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. He is the lead investigator on several medical device trials including the Prestige LP, cervical artificial disc, which received FDA pre-market approval for treating 2 adjacent levels in the cervical spine on July 6, 2016. Lanman has been an assistant clinical professor at UCLA for the past 20 years and has made several appearances on regional and national media.

Dr. Lanman earned his medical degree at Northwestern University in Chicago and completed a Neurological Surgery residency at UCLA Medical Center under mentors such as Donald Becker and W. Eugene Stern. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Neurological Surgery, a Fellow of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Lanman runs a thriving spine surgery practice in Beverly Hills and maintains privileges at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, UCLA Medical Center and Saint John’s Medical Center. He was recently named one of the Top Doctors in America. His services are sought by many of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including A-list film and TV talent, legendary musicians, as well as top C-suite executives. Dr. Lanman’s unique 4D approach to spine health has attracted clients from around the country and around the world. The Lanman Foundation for Spinal Advancement & Innovative Health is the vehicle through which Dr. Lanman and other spine health experts will expand upon his 4D Health Process, bringing spinal health and healing to the world.

The 4D Health Process

The 4D Health Process is a comprehensive, holistic approach to spinal health care. Dr. Lanman developed the 4D Health Process to encourage clients to think about their health as the foundation for life. The concept is based on the belief that spinal health should be tailored to the patient based on personal goals and priorities. Dr. Lanman considers a person’s age, lifestyle, nutrition, hormone status, physical exercise routine, and overall health to create a complete representation of the patient. He uses this through and meticulous analysis of each patient along with decades of training and experience to create a personalized treatment plan. This 4D treatment plan is the core of a patient’s blueprint for life. Dr. Lanman believes it’s not enough to just get

better. We should strive to be greater than better. The goal of the Lanman Foundation for Spinal Advancement & Innovative Health is to integrate and expand Dr. Lanman’s 4D Health Process to include the latest basic, clinical, and surgical research across all relevant disciplines. The foundation will seek to provide a comprehensive scientific analysis assessing the factors that relate to spinal health including age, lifestyle, nutrition, hormone status, exercise, supplements, spine and joint health. In addition to its research goals, the Lanman Foundation for Spinal Advancement & Innovative Health will provide medical and surgical services to economically disadvantaged patients, based on the availability of resources and the degree of need.


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